20b gypsum further up trail

Slickrock, Arches, and Sentinels–Utah’s Red Rocks

Last May 1st I hiked in Utah’s amazing Kodachrome Basin State Park. It’s time I shared this beautiful walk with you. The national parks in Utah are fantastic, but I was awed by the less crowded state parks. They offer such beauty with an up-close-and-personal feel. Today we’ll walk the 1.7 mile loop called Shakespeare Arch-Sentinel Trail. Come along into red rock country!

Watch your step . . .

20b gypsum further up trail

Nature Walk in Kodachrome

Today we are taking a short nature walk that highlights Utah’s beautiful sandstone formations and life in the high semi-desert ecosystem. We are visiting Kodachrome Basin State Park about 20 miles southeast of Bryce Canyon National Park. I’m already in awe of the fantastic, similar yet different, landscape of Kodachrome. Let’s take our time and really enjoy!

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