SNAP*Shot: July 4 Dazzle!

Is there any better way to spend the July 4 weekend than taking a photo seminar at Lamar Buffalo Ranch? Hint: the answer is NO! Bison walking around the cabins, badgers visiting, Pronghorn and even moose wandering through the valley, and a short walk into the mountains for flowers and quiet.


Wait a minute, it is July 4th. We are missing the fireworks, the ooo’s and aaaah’s, the smiles on everyone’s face. So as the sun begins to set, looking west we have an amazing golden evening. Not fireworks, but beautiful. The clouds begin to cover the sun that we will not see again today except for it highlighting the clouds and offering orange along the horizon.

sunset July 4-1075-

In Yellowstone it is always a good idea to turn around. There might be something big coming your way, but more often there is a beautiful sight you just couldn’t see from the other direction. Right now is no exception. The storms are coming in from the east, and as the golden sun hits the storm clouds–we have our “fireworks”!

Rainbow at days end-0792

Don’t forget to slow down and look behind you! Until next time . . .

8 thoughts on “SNAP*Shot: July 4 Dazzle!

  1. Donna B says:

    Joy, So happy to have shared the July 4 beauty with you! Wonderful pics and of course an excellent sun burst!

  2. Feeling a little envious, dear Joy. LBR is such a place like no other, perfectly situated, small win the best way I love these words of yours: In Yellowstone it’s always a good idea to turn around.

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