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Where’s the Beach?

I visit California twice a year to spend cherished time with family and friends, but some of the richest experiences evolve from visiting and walking the Pacific coast. I love the mountains, but the ocean has a call all its own, and I’m hearing that call. Moss Beach, Half Moon Bay, Capitola, Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur–sweeping landscapes with waves crashing against boulders and cliffs that are respites to many sea birds. Growing up on the East Coast we went “down the shore” to beautiful sandy beaches, but on the West Coast we have to hunt for sandy beaches which may already be claimed by seals or sea lions. Today we are going to Big Sur, known for its stunning views along Highway 1. Welcome to Andrew Molera State Park in the Santa Lucia Mountains. Come on–my best friend and I look forward to you joining us on our walk to the coast.


Onward to the ocean . . .